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The cradle of dreams

Professional financial planning consultant

Provide professional financial planning advice to each customer, and strive to help customers win a rich life

The cradle of dreams

Provide each partner with powerful infrastructure, professional training and other software and hardware resources to help partners achieve greater success

Top insurance elite team

Make MVP AIA's top entrepreneur insurance team and continue being the model of Hong Kong insurance industry

“MVP”, the most valuable player, was originally awarded the honor of the best performing athletes in all kinds of sports. In our team, every colleague has made an important contribution to the construction and development of the team. Every colleague is an indispensable part of the team. Therefore, everyone is the “MVP” of our team, and every member is the most valuable member.

“MVP” represents our team spirit and culture of unity and common struggle. We believe that this spirit can inspire us to make continuous breakthroughs and progress and become the “most valuable team” of the company!

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I am delighted to support AIA’s brand commitment to helping people live longer, healthier and better lives. I have always believed that a positive attitude towards healthy living can be reflected in the smallest details of our daily lives. Just by taking a small step, we can bring immense changes to our lifestyle for the better. For me, healthy living is all part of a balanced, sustainable lifestyle.

David Beckham
AIA’s Global Ambassador

Use generous rewards to motivate members to develop healthy lifestyle habits, improve physical fitness, reduce morbidity, and reduce the insurance company's claims expenses, so as to achieve a win-win situation for both parties. This is what the "AIA Vitality Health Program" will do

Aaron Kwok
AIA Vitality Health Director

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